Weekly Blog Posts [Dec. 24-28]

Sarah gives us a true story about a tattooed Santa Claus and a man who refers to himself as a “flamer”! Drunken Discourse, “The Flamer” Josiah tells us all about how Star Trek is actually happening! Make It So: How Star Trek Is Actually Happening Justin shares a quick video and lets us see how […]

Kids Are Dumb As Fuck

I’m currently on my way home from Christmas vacation with family and friends, and I’ve just been reminded of how stupid and awesome children are. Gawker just posted this video of a toddler attempting to use the word “banana”. It’s a hilariously cute insight into how silly kids are, and how their crazy little brains […]

Make It So: How Star Trek Is Actually Happening

That’s right, grab your leotard, because it looks like Star Trek: First Contact was right. Here’s how the predictions of Gene Roddenberry are coming true. 1. The development of warp drive Though it may have seemed far fetched back in the sixties, physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a way to bend space time. (1) While what he did what technically […]

Weekly Blog Posts [Dec. 17-21]

Rob gives us an opinionated piece on reading and politics! How to Read Something Provocative Trish talks about how movie quotes have changed her life! Movie Quotes and Insight Marianna talks about the worst Canadian TV show ever! Popcorn TV is the Worst Show on Television Dan C gives us his favorite album of 2012! […]