Nice Man is a weekly comedy podcast brought to you by Zach and Brian. Started in 2009 while in college, Zach and Brian bring you a show with random storytelling, a revolving set of segments, and a unique vocabulary. Over the past few years Nice Man has grown into more than just a podcast. It has spawned a community; a community of people who share a common sense of humor and set of interests. Listen to the show, talk on the forum, meet some new people, be the best human.


Nice Man Blog is a new venue for entertainment and information. With contributions from a group of exciting and fun writers, the blog brings you reviews, stories, art, essays, and opinions of everything you currently care about and will care about in the future.

Nice Man Blog Disclaimer: All written material published by the Nice Man Blog is owned solely by its author and only represents the views and opinions of that author. These blog posts cannot be used, published, or reprinted elsewhere without the consent of said author. This blog does not represent the views or opinions of the Nice Man Podcast and is simply another venue for creativity and entertainment. The writers of this blog are not professionals and do not necessarily even know what they are talking about. The blog writers always try to avoid plagiarism, but there is no guarantee that it has been successfully avoided.  Feel free to read and utilize this information at your own discretion. You are the best human.

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