Segment History

Best Or Worsts Rapid Fire

Zach and Brian each compile a list of 15 items. One person reads the entire list to the other and forces them to quickly decide if that specific item is the “best” or the “worst.”

Pop Culture Quiz Time

Zach makes a quiz for Brian that is entirely based on popular culture (music, movies, celebrities, etc.). Brian takes said quiz and is mocked by Zach throughout.

Bests & Worsts

Zach and Brian will suggest a specific category each week (e.g. sea creatures, childhood movies). Throughout the week, listeners will call/email in their opinions. Then, on the next episode Zach and Brian will read listener feedback and express their own opinions in order to discuss the Bests & Worsts in the specified category. Correct format = (Favorite item in category), the beeeeest. (Least favorite item in category), the woooooorst. For example: Brad Pit, the beeeeeest. Will Smith, the woooooorst.

Guilty Pleasures

Zach and Brian will discuss events, interests, music, etc. that embarrass them. Listeners are encouraged to submit their own so Zach and Brian will read and comment.

Food Battles

Zach and Brian will suggest two similar food items, and listeners will submit ideas for the next episode on which food is better. Zach and Brian will consider these suggestions, and along with their own ideas, come up with a winner. Past examples include Salad vs. Soup and Toaster Strudel vs. Pop Tart.

Boner of the Week

Zach and Brian discuss women that they feel are attractive. Whichever woman is the most attractive will be awarded the “Boner of the Week”. Listeners are encouraged to submit their own women, and Zach and Brian will indulge and comment on them.


New listeners, friends of the show, listeners deserving of special mention for extraordinary deeds, etc. will be named and commented upon near the beginning of each show. Listeners can request, with reasoning, for a shout-out.


Listener submitted voicemails will be played, mocked, dissed, and commented on.

Worst Human of the Week

Listeners are encouraged to submit their own worst humans, and if worthy Brian and Zach will nominate that person as a Worst Human. Note: there can, and will be, more than one “Worst Human of the Week.” There are a lot of horrible people out there.

Porn Parody Titles

Brian reads his own or user submitted titles. These are porno movies with one or two words changed thus making the new title rather hilarious. Example: It’s not Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs… It’s Horny with a Chance of My Balls.

Zach R. Would Do Anything for a Billion Dollars

Zach R., friend of the show and recurring guest, will answer suggestions on what he would do for a billion dollars. Sick, nasty, and strange suggestions are welcomed, and Zach R. will consider them as long as they fall within his stipulations: he must not sustain permanent negative change, but embarrassment is very much welcome.

Food Reviews

Zach and Brian will review foods they have eaten for the first time in terms of quality, price, presentation, taste, etc.’

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