Worst Human #4

Since I was dying of thirst, I decided to go to an ABC store next to Waikiki beach. Now, if you know anything about Waikiki, it’s that 1: it is infested with Asian tourists, and 2: it is infested with ABC stores. You can literally walk down one street and you will pass three or four ABC stores. Anyway, I’m in line and these two very taf* women walk in (mom and daughter), they are completely burnt. One of the side effects of being completely sunburnt is that your skin itches and peels. The daughter turns to the mom and asks her to scratch her back for her. She is wearing a bikini and tank top, so her skin is exposed. Which, not to be mean, is disgusting in itself. The mom agrees to scratch her back and it is horrid. Flakes of skin are flying everywhere, and I’m so grossed out to the point of almost gagging. At one point, the mom starts literally pulling the skin off and dropping it on the floor! It was one of those train-wrecks you just have to watch, disgusted. They are definitely the worst humans.

*Taf: Adj, fat spelled backwards

This is a map of the Waikiki area, each of those small orange dots represents an ABC store (a small convenience store with ridiculous prices)

Image Source = Google Maps