I spent the day as a picker! My grandparents are hoarders, no joke. They have multiple garages that they built to store all their things. I told my grandma that I wanted some nicer furniture for my house, so we went through all of her things and we came across an old bedroom set that she has had in storage for 40 + years. She bought it at an auction for my mom when she was little, but they never gave it to her. The set had a vanity that we turned into 2 night stands because the mirror was broken and beyond repair. We sanded it all down, varnished it, and painted each piece a different color 🙂 I also came across a really awesome old trunk that belonged to my great grandmother, the date inside the trunk says 1902. I also found a box full of old mason jars, as well as my new dining room table and chairs 🙂 Not only was this day amazing to spend going through old family things, it was amazing because I got to spend time with my Grandma and Grandpa who mean the world to me.

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