Five New Movie Trailers!

The podcast is on hiatus. The blog writers seem to be on hiatus too. In turn, this blog has literally turned into me posting YouTube videos. But I love YouTube videos (especially movie trailers), so who cares?

Last night I watched 4 (EDIT: 5) trailers for new movies that will be released later this year. Now you can watch them, read my opinions, and see if you feel the same way!

May 10: The Great Gatsby

I read the book in high school. I hated it. This movie is directed by Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australia). I don’t like his movies.

What I’m trying to say is that this movie is going to suck. The only saving grace is the cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher. I like all of them, but I don’t think they have any chance of saving this movie. It looks too flashy and fake and over-the-top.

May 26: Behind the Candelabra

Directed by Steven Soderbergh and being released on HBO on a random Sunday, I’m somewhat looking forward to this.  I’m not Soderbergh’s biggest fan, but I give all of his movies a watch. I also love Matty D. He brings his A game with every movie he’s in.

September 13: Rush

Thor and Ron Howard make a racing movie? NO THANKS.

July 19: Only God Forgives

By far the greatest movie in this post and one of my most anticipated movies of the year! Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling team up again after 2011’s Drive. Set in Bangkok, super violent, and starring the always charming Ryan Gosling, this movie is going to be nothing short of amazing.

EDIT 9:26pm: Had to add this trailer too!

August 8: Elysium

Take some District 9 and mix it together with some Matt Damon? YES YES YES

Most Anticipated Album of 2013: Mala by Devendra Banhart

Photo credit: his babe of a Serbian photographer/designer wife, Ana Kras

If you don’t yet know, I’m really obsessed with Devendra Banhart. I briefly hint to him on the music show I picked out songs for (which if you haven’t listened to: what are you doing?! Episode 115.5), I email Zach anytime new news comes up concerning him, and I’ve got a tattoo dedicated to the man and his music. That’s musical love, right there. So the announcement of his much anticipated new album Mala to debut March 12th is a really big deal for me.

Can we just talk about how beautiful he is for a second?

This is Devendra’s eighth studio album and first since 2009’s underwhelming What Will We Be. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy “Rats” and “Maria Lionza”… but they had to grow on me. The fact that the album was released on Warner Brothers seems to have crushed a lot of the whimsy that comes with Devendra’s music. Even the album before that, 2007’s Smoky Rolls Down Thunder Canyon, showed a switch to a more heavily produced pop-ish sound for Devendra.

Mala is coming out on Nonesuch Records, which is still a subset of Warner Brothers, but is home to artists such as Iron and Wine, The Black Keys, David Byrne, and Bjork. Hopefully this subtle switch will allow for more creativity, although in interviews Devendra responded to claims that he was selling out by saying that WB was actually really open to all of his creative desires. I know many Devendra fans like myself are hoping for more of the raw musical energy from his early albums. While I appreciate and understand that artists have to grow and adapt over the years, I think that the sound he brings to songs like “At The Hop”, “Sight to Behold”, and “Quedate Luna” is the reason a lot of us fell in love with him.

A few of the songs are already on YouTube to listen to before the release:

Für Hildegard von Bingen

Echoey vocals and guitars reminiscent of The XX almost, infused with electronic elements – this song is a little far off from what we’re used to with Devendra, but it works for me, I think.

Never Seen Such Good Things

This song is a fun little tune, that seems to be a bit of a love song. Its got hints of that lovely vibrato, a cute danceable beat, and some off the wall lyrics that we’ve come to love.

Mi Negrita

Spanish style guitars, a song about hopeless love. Beautiful and so very true to Devendra.

The album is produced and recorded by Devendra and bandmate, Noah Georgeson. They played most of the instruments themselves and recorded it on a vintage Tascam recorder; they utilized their environment as much as possible to create the rare sounds in the album. Which, according to an interview with Pure Channel, included such things as a switchblade, a chain, and a belt.

So if you don’t know Devendra Banhart, I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with him. His music has changed my life in a way that I cannot say any other thing has. I cannot wait for this album, and no matter what I will love and support him always. A tour has yet to be announced, but he’ll hopefully be making the rounds in the Spring/Summer! Pre-order Mala on CD and vinyl here: Both include an autographed print, instant download of “Für Hildegard von Bingen”, and a download of the whole album on March 12th. The LP also comes with the full CD, a poster, and a 7” with two bonus tracks.


2012 was NOT a great year for film, I wanted to make a top 20 list…I couldn’t think of that many. I thought about making a top 10 list, but I could only think of 9! Then I added another that was just OK. So here they are, 9 films that I enjoyed enough to rewatch the trailer and pull some thoughts about them out of my brain. I also included the trailers here, for you. You’re welcome.

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I spent the day as a picker! My grandparents are hoarders, no joke. They have multiple garages that they built to store all their things. I told my grandma that I wanted some nicer furniture for my house, so we went through all of her things and we came across an old bedroom set that she has had in storage for 40 + years. She bought it at an auction for my mom when she was little, but they never gave it to her. The set had a vanity that we turned into 2 night stands because the mirror was broken and beyond repair. We sanded it all down, varnished it, and painted each piece a different color 🙂 I also came across a really awesome old trunk that belonged to my great grandmother, the date inside the trunk says 1902. I also found a box full of old mason jars, as well as my new dining room table and chairs 🙂 Not only was this day amazing to spend going through old family things, it was amazing because I got to spend time with my Grandma and Grandpa who mean the world to me.

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The Best Albums of 2012!

In this week’s new podcast episode (Episode 128.5), Zach, Danny, and Rob talk about their favorite albums of 2012! If you want to spoil their Top 20 lists for yourself, click to continue reading.

Enjoy comparing your favorites and/or finding some new music!

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Picture the scene if you will: The year is 1980. The place, Naples in Italy. A young boy of 2 and a half is asleep on a camp bed in the shade outside the apartment block where he lives with his mum and dad. His dad is in the British Navy and has been posted to Naples for 3 years, they’ve been there for about a year already.

There’s some noises and laughing, and people moving boxes and such in the apartment next door – a new family moving in. They are Dad, who’s American Navy, mum and 2 daughters.

For the next 2 years, the families form a great relationship. There’s even an earthquake in ’81 and everybody sat outside on the street afterwards drinking brandy. (The boy slept through the ‘quake, despite all the crockery falling out the cupboards in the apartment. Bizarrely, in ’82 when Italy won the football world cup, the winning goal prompted an understandably large reaction from the Italian folk, and that woke him up…!) They all visited places in Italy together, and went to carnivals and festivals and borrowed each other’s cars and the mum’s babysat for each other’s kids. Tim, Sarah (9 years old) and Mandy (8) played together and read books together.

Then in late ’82, The Brits had finished their posting and went back to the UK. A couple of months later, the Americans made sure that during a driving tour of the rest of Europe that they went on before they traveled home to the States, they visited the Jellymans (if you hadn’t figured it out yet – that’s me) in their new home.

The Williamsons went back to the States. Jimmy, the dad, was posted to California somewhere and the mum’s kept in good contact thru the years, writing letters and swapping photos. Sarah married and had a couple of kids. And Tim mostly went nuts – the 90’s were a strange and crazy time to grow up in.

So let’s fast forward a bit. 2009. Tim and Sarah, get to talking on Facebook. And then Skype. And then some more Skype. And Gtalk. Then Skype everyday. 4000 miles apart, just chatting, but something else was happening…

One day, they were on Skype. Sarah was in a Starbucks, and Tim was probably in bed (time difference and all that jazz – he’s not ill, or bed-bound). The end of the conversation, brought the usual jovial “ok, well speak to you tomorrow maybe?”, “yeah, sure”. And then Sarah said, “I love you”. And Tim said it back…. Whoa! I’m in love with her!!!

So I visited her in the States a few times, and she came over here. And in September 2011, we got married on Ponte Vedra Beach in Duvall County, Jacksonville, Florida. Sarah moved over here in February of this year, and the plan is to move over to Jacksonville Beach as soon as is possible.

What an extraordinary journey. 10’s of thousands of miles. A few decades. But now we are very happy. Life is so good together. We even have our own hashtag: #jellylife

Wonder Years vs. Full House: A Made-for-TV Love Affair

“Yeah, I just hit her in the face, now turn around like you didn’t see it!  This movie is airing on the Lifetime Movie Network!  No one here cares until it’s too late… NO ONE!”   I’m just assuming that’s what Kevin Arnold’s (ahem…Fred Savage’s) character is thinking right now, as he stares down his wrestling coach harder than Honey Boo Boo’s mother chugs a hotdog.

One of the best things about television is the Lifetime Movie Network.  Providing hours of entertainment about loser husbands, abusive boyfriends, and occasionally rerunning Erin Brockovich so we womenfolk feel somewhat sated in our quest for truly knowing our own power and strength.  Or… If you’re me, something to half-watch while I smoke pot, paint my nails, and laugh at the past lives of present celebrities… And vice versa.

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