Every weekday when my boyfriend goes to work I spend hours watching TV. Sometimes I go to class, but most of the time I think it’s more important to see what’s #1 on Today’s Top Ten Youth Anthems on Much Music (that’s Canada-speak for MTV). Today’s #1 Youth Anthem, by the way, was that song by those guys. I don’t know what it’s called but I know you know the one.  Toniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Weeeee Aaaaare Yooooooooung. SO LET’S SET THE WORLD ON FIIIIIRRRREE …

It’s a really really good song, guys. The lyrics are so impassioned and those guys have such good haircuts.

Anyway, I’ve decided to put my pathetic TV addiction to use! Women’s razor commercials just fascinate me to the extent that I feel inspired to take notes as I watch and conduct super smart analyses just like they dun teached me at University of Canada.

This past semester I’ve been taking a (crazy awesome) course called Theorizing the Spectator. It’s a typical cultural studies class. It deals mostly with cinema spectatorship, but lately we’ve been talking a lot about TV. Well basically I guess I’ve been inspired to take some notes of my own about my experience of and relationship with that sweet temptress that is television.

Unfortunately, we only have 58 channels, many of which are either repeats or completely French/Quebecois. We are totally being raaaaaped by the cable people who gave us literally the worst cable for literally the most money. In other words, I get to watch the wooooorst things on TV and those are the things I’m going to write about. I’m sure most of my notes will consist of bashing girls in music videos who have better bods than me (i.e., sluts) and probably also some crying about how all the good cartoons are on the French channels and dubbed in French. UGH!

I’ll try to write an article or something about once a week at least or maybe once a day or whatever I have no idea because I am not good with Excel and I do not have a schedule.

Will anyone besides RandomIan understand what I mean when I say Don Cherry talks way too loud and has the ugliest dog ever? Who knows? I just know that I want to write some nonsense about some crappy TV shows and post them on the Nice Man blog.

Hope this goes well! What an exciting and hopefully attainable goal! 😀