Why Everyone Needs Gun Nuts

Guns exist. They exist in huge numbers – conservative estimates put the number of guns in the United States at around 200 million. Or as someone once put it – there’s already pee in the pool.

I get it, anti-gun nuts. Clearly no one would be able to shoot anyone if guns didn’t exist or weren’t available to anyone. But to argue that inevitably futile efforts should be made towards that end is to reject objective reality on the assumption that such a goal is not only possible, but logistically feasible. It demonstrably and irrefutably isn’t, but that is not the point of this article. The point is that whatever your position is on the private ownership of firearms, everyone benefits from widespread proliferation of firearms.

Study after study has shown that areas where responsible citizens are prohibited from possessing firearms inevitably become the targets for crime facilitated by illicit gun use. Washington D.C. for example has some of the most draconian handgun regulations requiring permits, registration, background checks, fingerprinting, mandatory safety courses, spent shell cataloging, and requires that residents explain where the firearm will be kept and what it will be used for. This is actually a small step forward from the landmark Hellar case in 2008, prior to which no person could legally own a handgun within the District of Columbia. However, as of the writing of this article open carry is prohibited and concealed carry permits are not being issued.

This sounds great, right? No guns, no gun violence? Well I am sad to report that the criminals didn’t get (or don’t give two shits about) the memo.

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