Review: thinksound ts02 Headphones

I have a confession.

I’ve always used shitty headphones.

For the past few years, I’ve been listening to music either through stock Apple “earphones” or really cheap, noise-cancelling Sony headphones. It’s just never been a priority to me…which is weird because I really love listening to music. During that time, I found the best place to listen to my favorite bands was in the car (the 2005 Honda Element has a surprisingly awesome sound system). I could turn it up really loud and actually feel the bass.

My friend Brian had been telling me to get higher quality headphones for years. I was just passing it off as an unnecessary purchase. I figured my headphones were working just fine. After thinking it over and finally wanting to see what the big deal was, I finally caved and bought these thinksound ts02 “in-ear high definition” headphones.

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