Wonder Years vs. Full House: A Made-for-TV Love Affair

“Yeah, I just hit her in the face, now turn around like you didn’t see it!  This movie is airing on the Lifetime Movie Network!  No one here cares until it’s too late… NO ONE!”   I’m just assuming that’s what Kevin Arnold’s (ahem…Fred Savage’s) character is thinking right now, as he stares down his wrestling coach harder than Honey Boo Boo’s mother chugs a hotdog.

One of the best things about television is the Lifetime Movie Network.  Providing hours of entertainment about loser husbands, abusive boyfriends, and occasionally rerunning Erin Brockovich so we womenfolk feel somewhat sated in our quest for truly knowing our own power and strength.  Or… If you’re me, something to half-watch while I smoke pot, paint my nails, and laugh at the past lives of present celebrities… And vice versa.

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