Misandry: When Feminism Defeats Itself

As a staunch, self-proclaimed Libertarian, nothing is more sacred to me than the principles of liberty and equality. Indeed, it is upon these very principles that the foundations of Feminism are also built. In an environment in which anyone, be it a class of peoples defined by superficial differences or sporadic individuals similarly discriminated against, […]

How to Read Something Provocative

When you find something to read in a magazine, a newspaper, a shorty story, and so on, you’re looking for the that one sentence title description to reel you into the story. You filter your reading priority by the most intriguing title, by the most interesting and eye-appealing book cover. Our brains function by our […]

Why Everyone Needs Gun Nuts

Guns exist. They exist in huge numbers – conservative estimates put the number of guns in the United States at around 200 million. Or as someone once put it – there’s already pee in the pool. I get it, anti-gun nuts. Clearly no one would be able to shoot anyone if guns didn’t exist or […]