Popcorn TV is the Worst Show on Television

NO SERIOUSLY. What is up with this show?

What does “popcorn TV” even mean and why do they act like they’re going to show us funny videos and then just DON’T?!

Sorry. I’ll explain. Popcorn TV is this show that pretends to be America’s Funniest Home Videos (best) mixed with a hidden camera gags show (worst). If you’re not familiar with a little show I like to call A-F-V, I suggest you don’t even bother because YouTube is better.

I’m watching Popcorn TV as I write this because I recorded it to watch it later because I watch really bad TV even when I have the option not to.

In Popcorn TV, just like in AFV the videos are all introduced by the always morbidly unfunny host or clown or whatever, ________________. I have no idea what his name is. He’s the least memorable whatever he is that there ever was.

Remember Bob Saget’s super awkward years of hosting AFV? It seemed like he completely hated that job and that’s why he was totally the best at it. He used to read the worst jokes off the teleprompter and laugh and go “who wrote this stuff?” What’s Bob Saget doing these days? Wouldn’t it be funny if he made a home video and sent it in to AFV and they didn’t even play it because, unlike the idiot producers over at Popcorn TV, they actually watched it first and realized that Bob Saget is the dullest human being ever and no one wants to watch him eat grapes?

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