10 Ways to Procrastinate

1. Order all the pans in your kitchen in pitch order and play it with wooden spoon, I call this “the pan-o.”

2. The old time classic, just get stoned (this can be done in conjuncture with anything else on the list)

3. Exercise, I mean if it’s healthy it can’t be bad to do even if your deadline is tomorrow.

4. Have a wank  – also known as procrastibation (fuck off spell checker I know what I mean)

5. Organise something: CD’s , DVD’s or cupboards. If already organised then try something new, I mean alphabetical is so old school, why not try it by genre or lead actor?

6. Open fridge, stare at fridge, walk away from fridge, return to fridge, repeat.

7. Spy on everyone you know on Facebook. When you’re bored of them, spy on people you don’t know.

8. Tell anyone who listens how much work you have, possibly threaten to drop out or say you just won’t do it…. You won’t drop out, you will do it.

9. Stare at the work, if you keep staring at it you will eventually unnerve it and it will go away.

10. Write a blog post for Nice Man!