The Album That Shaped Me

The year was 1994, I was 16. An impressionable age, and the music at that time was fucking dull. Nirvana was brilliant, but Kurt Cobain was a twisted punk soul that became misguided. Phil Collins was still doing things. Pop was just another new face singing over a sequencer that had been left on for […]

My Top 6 Most Feared/Hated Animals

I’m not a naturalist, but I love animals. I got to my late 20’s and just wanted to know everything about them. So I’ve watched countless TV shows and read lots to learn all that I can. They’re fascinating and strange and scary and beautiful. I don’t particularly fear a lot of them, certainly not […]

Suggestion: Soundtracks and their Evolution

So, for no reason whatsoever, I’ve begun to listen to soundtracks more and more. The current crop of music that is trending in movies by people like Michael Danna (Moneyball, Little Miss Sunshine), Cliff Martinez (Drive, Contagion), and Hans Zimmer (Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy) is reasonably varied in production values and tempo/sounds, but all the […]